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fever reduce cooling gel patch

This product is based on the principle of percutaneous absorption, made of polymer hydrogel that contains ingredients which extracted from natural plant, has antipyretic analgesic effect , is the best choice for children and adults who is in fever.
It contains pure natural plant ingredients, is health care patches, belongs in physical cooling patch, is not drug-induced cooling.
The cooling effect will last for 6-8 hours in general. And according to the individual constitution is different, the effect will also be different.


1). Physically reducing fever;

2). Local temperature dropping;

3). Relief toothache,headache;

4). Relief sunburn;

5). Relief tiredness, sleep and daze. Let you refreshed;

6). Protect people from heat stroke in summer.

Product name
Fever Cooling Gel Patch
CE ISO9001
Non-woven,hydrophilic macromolecule gel with, protective film
Expiry date
3 years
(1)Long lasting cooling effect, fast cooling down. It's a quick relief for those pesky pains and fevers with one stick of a pad.
It delivers a soothing comfort to ease the discomforts of Headache, Fevers, and even muscle pains.
(2)Disposable and easy to remove, convenient and portable. it is ready to use at anytime and anywhere.
(3)Highly effective against fever/temperature and can use with other medication.
(4)Drug-free and Safe for adults and children. it would not leave any sticky residue on your skin.
Open the packing bag, remove the protective diaphragm of the patch, and attach it to the forehead and other cleaning places, and
add the number of stickers to speed up the cooling rate.
1.Do not stick around the eyes and mouth.
2.Do not use the skin with eczema redness, trauma, and allergy.
3.For external use, please do not eat.
4.Children should be used under the supervision
1.Please store in the shade and avoid the light.
2.Keep in cold storage (do not put in freezer) when opened,the effect is better

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Cooling Patch


1pc/foil bag,3pcs/box,144boxes/ctn


1pc/foil bag,4pcs/box,120boxes/ctn

Cooling Patch-02
Cooling Patch-03
Cooling Patch-06

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