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Doctor cap, also called nonwoven nurse cap, good elastic provide well fit of cap to head, it can prevent hairs falling,suit for any hair style,and mainly used for disposable medical and food service line.


1.Designed To Maximize Comfort.

2.Prevent hair and other particulates from contaminating work environment.

3.Roomy bouffant styling ensure a non-binding fit.

4.Available in many colors in bulk or dispenser packs.

5.Lightweight and Breathable.

6.Accord with the hygienic standards.


Electronic Manufacturing / Hospital / Chemical Industy / Food Industry / Beauty Salon / Laboratory, etc.

Sizes and package


Doctor cap


PP non woven/SMS


20gsm,25gsm,30gsm etc


With tie or elastic


18'',19'',20'',21'' etc


Blue,green,yellow etc










Relevant introduction

Our company is located in Jiangsu Province, China.Super Union/SUGAMA is a professional supplier of medical product development,covering thousand of products in the medical field.We have our own factory that specialized in manufacturing gauze,cotton,non woven products.All kinds of plasters,bandages,tapes and the other medical products.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of bandages, our products have gained a certain popularity in the Middle East, South America, Africa and other regions. Our customers have a high degree of satisfaction with our products and a high repurchase rate. Our products have been sold to all over the world, such as the United States, Britain, France, Brazil, Morocco and so on.

SUGAMA has been adhering to the principle of good faith management and customer first service philosophy, we will use our products based on the safety of the customers in the first place, so the company has been expanding in a leading position in the medical industry SUMAGA has always attached great importance to innovation at the same time, we have a professional team responsible for developing new products, this is also the company each year to maintain rapid growth trend Employees are positive and positive. The reason is that the company is people-oriented and takes care of every employee, and employees have a strong sense of identity.Finally, the company progresses together with the employees.

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