Vaseline gauze is also called paraffin gauze

The manufacturing method of Vaseline gauze is to soak Vaseline emulsion directly and evenly on the gauze, so that each medical gauze is fully soaked in Vaseline, so that it is wet in the process of use, there will be no secondary adhesion between the gauze and the liquid, let alone destroy the scabbed wound, promote the growth of granulation and promote wound healing.

Medical sterilized Vaseline is used to prevent adhesion between gauze and wound. It can lubricate and non stick wound, promote granulation growth and promote wound healing. It is mainly suitable for burn dressing and non infectious wound dressing.

Before use, clean and dry the wound and local skin, and apply some drugs to treat the wound and affected area; During use, vaseline gauze can be pasted on the wound or affected part, but Vaseline gauze belongs to disposable consumables and refuses to be used again; The used Vaseline gauze shall be stored in a dry, ventilated environment without corrosive gas and away from fire source.
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Post time: Nov-01-2021