Eye-opening! Amazing hemostatic gauze “instant” saves lives

Eye-opening! Amazing hemostati1

In life, it often happens that the hand is accidentally cut and the blood is not stopping. A little boy was able to stop bleeding after a few seconds with the help of a new gauze to stop bleeding. Is it really that amazing?


The novel chitosan arterial hemostatic gauze stops bleeding instantly

Eye-opening! Amazing hemostati2

Blood is the source of life, and excessive blood loss is the leading cause of death from accidental trauma. Worldwide, 1.9 million people die each year from excessive blood loss. “If a person weighs 70 kilograms, the body blood volume accounts for about 7% of the body weight, that is, 4,900 ml, if the blood loss is more than 1,000 ml because of accidental trauma, it is dangerous to life.” But when medical help arrives, the common first aid is to cover the wound with towels, clothes, etc., which can work when the vein or capillary bleeding, but if the artery bleeding, such hemostatic measures are often inadequate.”


In pre-hospital emergency treatment, effective control of patients’ bleeding at the first time is the key to gain treatment time and save lives.

Eye-opening! Amazing hemostati3

Recently, a new rapid chitosan arterial hemostatic gauze has been popular on the market. This gauze has a unique chitosan particle.Chitosan granules is bonded to a high-density gauze which allows fast packing and great adherence to surrounding tissue. Chitosan granules stick to wet tissue in the wound, improving the gauze’s tamponade effect and controlling blood loss.


Unique hemostatic process

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It absorbs water from the blood and forms a gel that aggregates red blood cells to form a blood clot.To stop bleeding 100%, carefully place part of the hemostatic bandage in the wound cavity, seal (tampon) and hold, pressing with your hands, for 5 minutes.  During this time, the blood will saturate the bandage, chitosan granules are activated, swell and turn into a thick gel.  The gel mass will clog the bleeding vessel, stop the bleeding, and form a gel to seal the wound. At the same time, chitosan binds with red blood cells to produce gels, which can also effectively prevent bacterial secondary contamination of the wound.

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This hemostatic gauze can quickly control moderate and severe bleeding caused by trauma, including effective control of major artery bleeding within three minutes, and will not produce heat burning. In addition to being suitable for deep arterial bleeding, it can also be used for superficial wounds. The location of the wound is not limited, and the head, neck, chest, abdomen and other parts of the body can be safely used. The hemostatic gauze adheres tightly to the wound, reducing the risk of blood-borne pathogens, and stays in place while the victim is being transported, preventing a second bleeding. Blood clots can clot within minutes of pouring into the wound, and the clot is very easy to remove and can be easily washed away with water or saline. The mechanism of action of this hemostatic gauze does not depend on coagulation factors in the blood, so it is effective for heparinized blood. In view of the digestive fluid leakage caused by penetrating injury, this hemostatic gauze can play a role in blocking the leakage channel and prevent the digestive fluid from secondary damage to the body. Timely and effective hemostasis also reduces the loss of body fluids, reduces the occurrence of shock, effectively protects the wound, and avoids the re-injury of the tissue.

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In addition, the hemostatic gauze is not affected by the ambient temperature and is still effective at a blood temperature of 18.5°C. The shelf life is 5 years and no special storage conditions are required. Using sterile waterproof packaging, easy to carry, easy to operate, non-professional installation instructions can also be quickly operated. It is natural, highly purified, has no allergic reaction in the history of use, is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-immunogenic. The deep-sea chitosan obtained from the deep-sea krill at high latitude is purified by the gold ratio, which has the deacetylation degree of gold, low heavy metal content and low ash content. The resulting high-purity hemostatic particles are biological polysaccharides easy to clean, no turbidity phenomenon, and are degradable materials.

Post time: Oct-08-2023