disposable infusion set

It is a common medical consumables,After aseptic treatment, the channel between vein and drug solution is established for intravenous infusion.It is generally composed of eight parts: intravenous needle or injection needle, needle protective cap, infusion hose, liquid medicine filter, flow regulator, drip pot, bottle stopper puncture device, air filter, etc.Some infusion sets also have injection parts, dosing ports, etc.
Traditional infusion sets are made of PVC. High performance polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is considered to be a safer and higher performance material for making disposable infusion sets. One material does not contain DEHP and is being promoted all over the world.
The product is matched with disposable intravenous infusion needle and is mainly used for clinical gravity infusion.
1.It is disposable and shall meet the hygiene and quality standards.
2. Cross use is prohibited.
3. Disposable infusion sets should be treated as medical waste after use.

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Post time: Nov-18-2021